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Made by crushing the fleshy core of the Blue Agave plant, the juice that is produced is fermented and then distilled with sugar cane added, and then aged in oak barrels from 2 months to over 3 years. The resulting colour will depend on how long the tequila spends aging in the barrels - between 2 and 12 months produces an amber colour which will turn to a darker gold after 1 to 3 years and the darkest of the three gold tequilas is Extra añejo which spends over 3 years inside the oak barrel.

Most commonly known as Cuervo Gold, this mass-market mixto tequila is the first tequila many people experience and is the number one selling tequila in the world. This mixto tequila is a blend of both blanco and reposado tequila and, of course, is not 100% agave.